dinsdag 25 mei 2010

Petrol tank.

I've removed the petrol tank. Unfortunately, there were some holes in it. This would make a very thirsty car!

Mended it with synthetic metal, now just a respray and it should be OK. A new tank would set me back about €600 so it's worth a try.

The petrol gauge, for those who are curious as to how that looks...

maandag 24 mei 2010

Replacing the piston rings

Cleaning the gaps with an old piston ring to get all the dirt out before replacing the rings.

Measuring the gap. All the rings (made by Deves) were well within spec.

Simple but effective, this pair of pliers borrowed from the local garage.

Rings in place. Be careful: do not put the gaps all on the same side!

Tapping them in place.

... repeat 5 more times ;-)

vrijdag 14 mei 2010

Some cosmetics

Exhaust manifolds resprayed with black stove paint

Cleaning the rust and build up from the engine.

The air intake

Resprayed and new air filter. (The old one is below the new one.)

The oil pump, disassembled and cleaned. Clearances are still good so it'll be reused.

New valves

Valve grinding set costs about €10 at http://www.angloparts.com

Old valve seat

Reground valve seat

Coarse valve grinding paste...

And after grinding...

The new valves in place

... as compared to the old situation ;-)