zondag 8 augustus 2010

Welcome, older brother

Although the guy that sold me the 240 promised it was "98% complete", a lot of pieces were missing. Door handles, lights, and various bits and pieces. I came across this wreck on the internet, and it still has everything mine is missing. It came pretty cheap because it's in a pretty dreadful state.
I'm still in doubt whether to put the left hand drive steering wheel and all the rest into the project car. Apparently it can be done, and since the engine bay is as good as empty, it should be possible. But that's for (much much) later.

In the boot there was about half an engine's worth of stuff including the chrome cam shaft covers, a starter motor, generator, water pump (stuck) etc... plus a clutch that's almost as good as new... just what I need. I only hope the larger clutch will fit.

The interior...

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