donderdag 24 maart 2011

About the bumpers

Since I have the "fat" bumpers of the Mk II, I want to use them instead of the "slim" 240 bumpers. In my opinion, it's only really a Mk II if it has fat bumpers. However...

There's a difference in the rear valance and mounting points.

Luckily, the bolts are in the same place and it's just the mountings that are different:

And I was planning on replacing the rear valance anyway because it is quite badly damaged underneath. So I've ordered the "fat bumper" version.

Some of these mountings came off easily, some didn't.

The ones where I couldn't get the bolts loose were cut with a potato knife. Pretty easy and satisfying.

When I looked up the order code for these mountings in the SNG catalog I was surprised to learn that they cost about €40 each (x4). I've mailed Marcus who is always very helpful, and he pointed out that these mountings are exactly the same as the front engine mounts, so the alternative versions come to about €10 each. This is mentioned in the engine bay parts list, but not in the bumper parts list.

I had to grind off the nuts on the overriders because the bolts were turning freely and there was no way to hold them. I'll replace them with metric bolts.

As for the front bumpers, there's a difference as well: the "hooks" are different. Luckily, they're only attached with 2 bolts each so swapping them is no biggie. The front bolt is in a difficult place so you'll need a universal joint on your ratchet.

thin bumper

fat bumper. Sorry about the flash. Note difference in space between chassis and bumper holder.

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