zondag 28 maart 2010

Coming home

After I had made the deal with the seller, the car had to get home. So I rented a trailer and mobilised my friend Jan who is more experienced than I am at driving with a trailer. Since the car was located in the very centre of Brussels his driving skills were tested thoroughly. Parking wasn't very easy either. But in the (very) end, all worked out well.

The engine and all the bits and pieces...

Now I can start sorting out what is missing. The seller said the car is "pretty" complete, there's a piece of the exhaust missing (which would probably have been rusty anyway), and as for now, I can't find the ignition keys or the Jaguar that goes on the bonnet... But the paperwork is complete so that's important. Apparently this car has driven around London for most of its life and it came here in the late 70s. It has had one technical control (like the MOT) in Belgium and my guess is the "restoration" started back then. From what I can make of it, it has changed hands a couple of times since. This might be a bit of a concern...

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