zondag 21 november 2010

Rear axle and brakes practically ready

I found the solution to the problem with the position of the bleed nipple on the brakes. Apparently the position was changed to the inside on later models.

I've had some trouble removing one of the pistons. The others popped out just with some pressured air, but for the last one I've had to fill the cylinder block with brake fluid and then apply pressured air, a couple of times.

I've finished brushing the rust off the rear axle and respraying. I didn't remove the splash screens near the brakes as this involves a lot of work. All that's left now is adjusting the brakes and greasing the bearings.

New brake pipes, a bit of paint, new oil for the dif, and a lot of rust removed.

As it was...

I'm not sure about the brake discs, I've cleaned them but they're not really shining like mirrors yet...

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