vrijdag 11 februari 2011

Front suspension - cont'd

Removing the front brake discs was a bit tricky because the sockets of my set don't fit over the bolts. I had to clamp a vise grip over the bolt heads.

I bought a spray gun, which I should have done a long time ago. It's cheaper than buying paint in cans in the long run, and the result is better than when applying paint with a brush.

The bottom ball joint. It's a taper fit (there's a lot of taper fit stuff on the front suspension). It took me a while to figure out that the best way to remove taper fit axles is by banging them a couple of times with a heavy hammer.

After some cleaning up the bolts were easily removed. Here you see the parts disassembled. The ring, indicated with the red arrow, can be removed as well. The ring from the other bottom ball joint is on the left.

The kit from SNG barratt.

Be careful when pushing in the ring. Everything should be clean and the ring pushed in straight, or it might break. It did in my first attempt.

It works pretty well with a vise.

The anti-roll bar linkages have seen better days. I've replaced them with new ones.

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