zondag 27 februari 2011

Removal of the interior

I'm getting close to ready to get the car to the garage for the welding and the painting. I want to get it ready for the conversion from RHD to LHD as well, so I set about getting the interior out.
Most of it is very easy to remove, especially since all of the door trim was already removed.

Removal of the instrument panel - this is the panel of the LHD car.
Everything still in place.

Wires removed. Although all the wires are colour coded, I found it easiest to label the wires. The piece of loom indicated in yellow here can stay on if you only want to put the instrument panel aside. I've removed it though, because I'll probably use the RHD's panel with the LHD's meters. Read more about the reason in my post about RHD to LHD conversion.

The rear of the dashboard.

Removal of the brake and clutch pedal (from the LHD car).

The pedals themselves (and the heater) have to be removed before you can get the pedal box out.

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