zondag 15 mei 2011

Carpets and trim

The car is at the garage and in my rare spare time I remove some of the paint before the repairs to the body can be carried out.

I'm also (still) working on removing the old veneer, the dashboard and glovebox veneer are much thicker and harder to remove. Steam doesn't help much, although it is good for removing varnish.

Meanwhile, I haven't exactly had much time to make real progress, but I did order the furflex, sound deadening felt and other trim stuff from Woolies.

As for the carpets, a new set in original material, cut to size and finished, would set me back €280 or so. Since I have the original carpets, I'm pretty sure I can cut them myself. So I've contacted a company that sells car carpets, Advotex in Opwijk. They had something roughly the same colour, not exactly the same texture but I don't care about that. As I've said before, the car should be clean and good, but not a concours winner. It turned out to be a roll of about 8m long by 1m, and because it had been lying around for a long time and they weren't planning on using it anymore, the man let me have it for 25€. A bargain.

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