zondag 15 mei 2011

The clutch

I'm hoping to finish the engine, clutch and gearbox assembly by the time the car has had its respray, so I can put the engine in in the garage where there's more and better equipment. So I had a look at the clutch.

The original clutch on the 240 has a 8 1/2" diameter. It's worn, and what's worse: it's not easy to come by. Furthermore, there was a pretty good clutch assembly with the wreck, but that's a 9" unit.

There's not only a diameter, but also a height difference.

The bearing is different too. The one on the left is the original 240 bearing (higher bearing for lower clutch), the other one is a replacement I've ordered - parts for the 9" clutch are easier to find.

Worn clutch plate on the left, better one on the right.

The threaded holes for the 9" clutch are already in place on the flywheel, the only thing in the way are these little positioning pins. I must get them out one way or the other, and put them in the holes that are also drilled but empty. Another course of action is to drill holes in the clutch cover but that seems like a crude approach.

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