zondag 15 mei 2011

Instrument panel

On a sunny day, I set about rebuilding the instrument panel. As I assumed, the panel itself is symmetrical, so I've used the best one and cleaned it on both sides.

The meters from the 1961 Mk2 differ from the 1968 240 in some details. This is especially clear on the water temperature meter. Not only is one made in England and the other in the UK, but one indicates the temperature in °C and the doesn't give absolute numbers. Maybe this has something to do with LHD/RHD versions as well?

The amps meter on the older car has a "30" mark in the middle, the newer one doesn't.

In order to clean the meters, the rubber band has to be removed first.

In case the black rim doesn't turn, you can push in the lip under my index finger, and then both the glass, rim and dial turn and can be removed.

Here, the glass is removed and the lip can be seen.

The inside of the ammeter.

The meters and switches back in place. The rims of the meters were cleaned but not repainted as I'm afraid that paint-from-a-can won't achieve the desired result and the original paint is still in pretty good nick. The switches were cleaned, the chrome parts with "polychroom" chrome polish.

Slapping the wiring loom in place :-p

"Et voilĂ "
The cigar lighter isn't in place yet because it has to be rechromed, and the ignition lock isn't in place because I still have to change the locks.

There is a little difference in font between the original and the replacement item, but otherwise it's a perfect fit.

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